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Grand Rep Near The Grand East PGWM Joyce Venable
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Grand CCFC PGWM Carol Simon-Martin  [Contact The CCFC]
Grand Lecturer Beatrice Sconion DIST. 7
Assistant to Grand Lecturer Robin Wilson DIST. 2
Grand Assoc. Lecturer Angie Tillman DIST. 2
Deputy Grand Lecturer Eugene Bradford DIST. 2
Asst Deputy Grand Lecturer Joshua Slack DIST. 7
District Deputy Grand Matrons, District Grand Associate Matrons and District Deputy Grand Patrons:
District 1 Courtney Smith Cecilia Vandervall Donald Brown
District 2 Suzanne Jolley-Eldridge Bonnie Buggs-Perow Bryan Walker
District 3 Rebecca Gant Michelle Rhodes Jerome Albright
District 4 Kimberly Lawhorne June Bailey Joshua Slack
District 5 Edith Douglas Shelia Kilgoe Derwin Boothe
District 7 Joylyn Etheridge Helen Powell Julio Martinez
District 8 Tanja Lanier   Eddie Harris
DD at Large Sharon Taylor   Robert Taylor
      Marcellus Jolley
Grand Adah Regina Johnson DIST. 2
Grand Ruth Anita Branison DIST. 3
Grand Esther Kairene Perry DIST. 1
Grand Martha Joezette Sivels DIST. 1
Grand Electa Althea Foreman DIST. 5
Grand Christian FB Kimberly Cambell-Shields DIST. 2
Grand US FB Latanza Wilson DIST. 2
Grand OES FB Crystal Rogers DIST. 7
Grand Chaplain Teresa Dawkins DIST. 1
Grand Assistant Chaplain Kathleen Seeney DIST. 7
Grand  Marshal-East Paula Eason DIST. 1
Grand  Marshal-West Teresa Fultz DIST. 2
Grand  Asst. Marshal-E Mary Fields DIST. 1
Grand  Asst. Marshal-W Terrance McMillan DIST. 2
Grand Musician Rosemary Hudson DIST. 5
Grand Assistant Musician Roscoe Murray DIST. 1
Grand Warder Lakisha Council DIST. 1
Grand Assistant Warder Rebecca Stewart DIST. 7
Grand Sentinel George Hudson DIST. 7
Grand Assistant Sentinel Gregory Williams DIST. 2



Myra Address

Myra Grand Chapter
1307 Eutaw Place
Baltimore, MD 21217
(410) 669-2372
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Sis. Carmen F. Kearney
Grand Worthy Matron
Bro. Paul Kearney, Jr.
Grand Worthy Patron
Sis. Jeanette Randall
Grand Secretary